shall we brown bag?

Two years ago, hubby and I kept a steady supply of brown bags filled with granola bars and bottled water in the back seats of our cars. We would pass it out whenever someone needed it.

Then we ran out. After we replenished our supply, things got busy, and we stopped. For two years.

In these two years, as we become more willing to spend on ourselves, I’ve noticed that I have become less willing to share. I still say a prayer every time I see someone in need, but I rarely stop to offer help now.

One rainy afternoon, as I was rushing to my next to do item, I drove past a crippled man by the freeway asking for help, his grimacing face in the cold wind struck me. Quickly, I offered up a prayer for him, then the radio station sang “I pray and I move on as if nothing has happened”. Wow! God, has a way of waking people up!

So, I am putting it out here for accountability, that brown bags are coming back to our cars. And this time, I hope they will never go away.

So….shall we brown bag?


One thought on “shall we brown bag?

  1. […] remember the shall we brown bag post from last year? We will be assembling the brown bags this weekend so we can start the new year […]


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