Year 2013 outlook – part I

First off, Happy New Year!
May this new year bring you joy and blessings. <3

On a personal note,….not to mention New Year Resolutions.
Why? Because usually, they are broken by the time March rolls around. You see, trying not to discourage myself :)

But that doesn’t stop me from having new outlook for the new year.

M’s 2013 outlook

1. Be a smarter shopper – cut down on quantity, invest in quality.
I have a tendency to buy (clothing especially) small price tag in large quantities. I really love outlet prices. However, there are many items that hardly see the light of day because I simply don’t have the opportunity to wear/use them. Also, I tend to choose the less ideal items due to their small price tag. But these don’t last long in our home. So, I want to buy less, use more of what I have, and purchase quality things when there’s a need.

2. Be kinder to my body
My line of work is both mentally and physically taxing. Over the years, I have learned how to better manage the mental stress, and not bring negative emotions home (still do sometimes). This past year, the physical stress has really affected my entire person. Pain, really kills!
Besides eating healthy and exercising, I want to work smarter. This means resting periodically throughout the day, and learning when to say ‘No’ and not feel guilty. Which is really hard when it comes to little children in need of my service.

3. Incorporate my hobbies into fruit bearing activities.
This is where this blog comes in. I’ve always wanted to contribute to this world with my own hand. however, there are too many activities competing for limited time. This space allows me to balance the two. The time I dedicate to craft is also spent on giving back.


How about you? I would love to hear from you about you thoughts for 2013 :)

In the next post, I will share some exciting projects for MKliving 2013.
Stay tuned…..


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