MK home cure 2013 and on …..

Before delving into the MKliving shop outlook for 2013, I want to share with you what’s happening at the home front.

I have joined the band wagon to organize and de-clutter our home. I have been following apartment therapy for a while now, and they started January Cure. Basically , a daily step by step guide to cure the home of clutter( check it out if you’re interested to do the same. see link above).

Now knowing myself,  doing everything in one month seems a bit too overwhelming. Therefore, I am tweaking it into a yearlong project, and maybe even beyond. Here is what has been done….

Mk home cure 2013

Following the guide, I’ve compiled an action list for each area (1st floor only) for us to tackle throughout the year. And look, one item is already accomplished!

Entry outboxOutbox for items we no longer need that may find a good home elsewhere

Entry outbox
Outbox for items we no longer need that may find a good home elsewhere

Very soon, the box may need an upgrade. I am thinking of placing an OUTbox at every area on the list.

Also, remember the shall we brown bag post from last year? We will be assembling the brown bags this weekend so we can start the new year on the right foot :)
Will post pics once they are done. Thank you for keeping us accountable.

Better get back to organizing my shop supplies….


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