Easy, healthy one person lunch 簡單,健康,一個人的午餐

I have been home bound most of the week due to some back /neck problem, so I am getting more and more creative on making one-person meal that requires no work. It started with the left over, then  wonton soup, then dumpling. Yesterday, even boiling a pot of water for more dumplings seem like too much effort ( I know, I am getting way too lazy. But hey, I did do some house chores). So I want to share with you my new discovery, a new easy breezy way to cook dumplings.


This was my lunch yesterday. Let me break it down. I had ChiMei chives dumplings, and prewashed, pre-cut collard greens. I also have a traditional rice-cooker (Tai-Tung) that works as a steamer as well.

I added some water to the inside of the rice cooker, placed the steam plate in, arranged the collard greens and dumpling, closed the lid, and pressed “cook” button. 10 min later, my meal was ready. I then made the dressing by mixing soy sauce, sesame oil, vinegar and chili paste together in the bowl. Add the steamed veggies and dumpling in the bowl. Voila~

It really was simple and delicious. In the time it took the rice cooker to cook my meal, I caught up with my emails and bills.

The health component came with steaming the veggies. It is one of the best way to retain all the nutrients vegetable has to offer. Maybe the frozen dumpling was not the most healthy food, but ChiMei is the only brand I have seen in Chinese markets that doesn’t use MSG (mono sodium glutamate), and only all natural ingredients. Although the effects of MSG is controversial, no scientific proof that it is harmful to human body, but I really dislike how it makes me feel. Drowsy, bloated and extremely thirsty. Yuck!

Anyways. It was my first time steaming dumplings. Growing up, we’ve always boiled it, and when it is overlooked, we got stuck eating soggy dumplings. Maybe I am late to the show, but I am really glad that I found a new way to eat healthy without doing much.

What are your tricks of eating easy and healthy meals?


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