Blanket with Fun – Land’s End & Dine About Town

In the previous post, I invited you all to join in Blanketing the World with Love. This is a follow up post to what we did yesterday. What I chose to do was “Blanket with Fun”. Definition according to Ellie Fun Day:

“Blanket with Fun”

  • invite a friend to have an indoor picnic
  • take a hike, even a short-walk at lunch with a friend
  • Go to a matinee with a friend

What we did was a variation.

Before I found out about the Ellie Fun Day’s event, P and I had plan to walk around SF to refresh ourselves. P has been working hard to relaunch her career in the Bay Area (she recently relocated from beautiful, balmy San Diego), and I have been mostly home bound due to back injury.

The day before, P got a last minute interview on Friday morning, and our plan had to change. Knowing the rare opportunity to have Dine About Town in SF (twice a year, for 2 weeks each time), and how much we both missed beautiful scenery, we changed our plan for the better.

image image

Even though P did not say, I knew it was hard for her to leave San Diego, and her family in S. Cali. During the drive, P kept telling me how much the scenery along HWY 1 and Skyline reminded her of San Diego. It was perfect, the sun was warm and there was hardly any wind (very UN-SF-esque). We had a delicious meal at Cliff House (a new experience for both of us) that did not break our wallets, enjoyed beautiful scenery, and had a relaxing day together. Later that night, our lovely other halves joined us, and P introduced us to authentic Southern Indian cuisine that was also super yummy.

Thank you Ellie Fun Day for such a simple yet thoughtful event.



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