Sorting carrots for local food bank

Yesterday, along with some youth from church and friends we went to the local food bank to volunteer. It was my personal first, and I think it will be the first of many to come. Some of us did quality control of the donated canned and dried food, throwing away the expired and suspicious looking ones. We also saw many unusually interesting items. One sad thing was that we had to throw away a lot of outdated food. A lot were couple years over expiration :(. Besides sorting, and putting together boxes of packed dried & canned food for families, we also sorted fresh produce. Our group did mainly the carrots, lots of carrots…5000 lbs of them. :)

Besides physical labor, we had opportunities to meet other groups of people at the food bank, one in particular was BuildOn. The high school senior we met shared that the group meets every Saturday to volunteer in local community projects that help the needy. Inspiring.

There were many parent-children teams that worked with lightning speed, while us adults slowed as time went on, the kids were racing to finish all the produce. They were filled with enthusiasm with only one goal: do as much as they could in the limited time. It’s our hope that when our family expands, we will also bring our little ones along to instill in them the lifestyle of giving back.

Here are some pics of what we did yesterday. I would be okay not eating carrots for a while :p





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