Slowly adjusting & an iron-rich stirfry for pregnant moms

The blog has taken a longer vacation than I myself. We came back from Asia close to a month ago, and it has taken us this long to adjust. Besides fighting jet lag, getting back to daily routine, we are also facing new chapter ahead – parenthood.

Needless to say, it is a time of excitement coupled with trepidation. Will we be good parents? How will we ever be able to afford kid’s education? More importantly, will we be able to raise up God-fearing/loving child? Instantly, my brain frazzled.

In addition to the mental preparation, we are also making our home more baby ready. I am SO THANKFUL that child bearing takes 10 months, there are just too much to adjust to!

For instance, pregnancy diet. I, being a preggo novice, had a bit trouble gauging how much to eat in my first trimester, and gave in to many burger/fried chicken cravings. Now, I am finally getting a hang of eating healthy and eating right. Whew~

I want to share a recipe that I recently created while making meals. As most women know, iron  is extremely important in preggo diet. We need a lot more of iron in order to make more red blood cells for the little one in our belly. The Ob/Gyn often prescribe us iron supplements. I, for some odd reasons, have pill aversion since growing up. So I have been looking for ways to enhance iron absorption through my diet. At first, I ate a lot of spinach, but after some research, I find that in order for us to absorb the rich iron in spinach and other veggies, it has to be prepared with vitamin c (i.e. lemon juice) and protein. See the article here.

So the following recipe is how I modified my usual stirfry to enhance iron absorption. I reduced the sodium and the cooking time in this recipe, so more nutrients are preserved, and less water retention for the pregnant moms.


Chinese stir-fry with shabu beef, power greens for pregnant moms

Ingredients (4 servings)

  • Pre-wash/pre-cut power greens from Trader Joe (1 pk = 5 oz)
  • image
  • baby carrots, halved (1 cup)
  • half a fist of ginger, julienned
  • sliced sukiyaki beef (I chose this for ease of cooking, they come thinly sliced, but other cuts like beef sirloin will do as well) (1/2lb)
  • 4 cloves of garlic, crushed and chopped (2 tbsp)
  • Sea salt, 1 tsp
  • cornstarch 1/2 tbsp (for marinate)


  • low sodium soy sauce, 1 tbsp for marinate
  • cooking wine, 1 tbsp for marinate
  • black sesame oil 1/2 tbsp for marinate, 1/2 tbsp for stirfry
  • lemon juice, 1/2 tbsp for marinate, 1/2 tbsp for stirfry
  1. Make marinate: Mix together cornstarch, soy sauce, black sesame oil, cooking wine, and lemon juice until cornstarch is dissolved.
  2. Add the beef into the marinate and mix well. Let it sit for 15 min or more.
  3. Oil the pan (enough to coat the entire pan) on med-high heat, add 1/2 of the ginger and cook until fragrant. Add the meat and carrots, stir fry until all cooked. Set aside including the cooking juice.
  4. Oil (add 1/2 tbsp black sesame oil) the pan again on med-high heat, cook the rest of the ginger and garlic until fragrant, add the veggies. Quickly coat the veggies with oil, add lemon juice, salt. Once veggies are cooked, turn off the heat. While pan is hot, add the meat, carrot and the cooking juice into the pan and mix well.
  5. Remove pan from hot stove. Voila~

DH and I both enjoyed this stirfry very much even though I cut a considerable amount of sodium in this recipe. The fragrant ginger and black sesame oil make this dish very flavorful, and the lemon juice added to the stir-fried veggies made it very refreshing and light. I hope you will all enjoy this easy recipe.

There will be more updates from MKliving but for today, this preggo lady has to take care of other business. =)

…. until next time~


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