Giving back to West, Texas

It has been a little over a month since the massive explosion in West, Texas. Not only homes were destroyed, lives lost, the town was in rubble. Many many tragedies have happened in the past month, and this post seems overdue.


I remember how I felt when I saw the news, streams of tears turned into violent sobbing. I couldn’t imagine how devastated the residents of West, Texas felt, to have everything taken away in a flash. I also remember the bravery of the first responders, many were severely injured, some lost their lives while saving others. Yet how quickly, this town is being forgotten, buried under other tragedies and headlines.

Today, MKliving would like to remember those in West, Texas.  In the midst of our busy lives, would you take a moment to pray for those affected by the explosion? For their lives to be rebuilt, hopes restored, and peace of mind. Let’s not forget other tragedies around the country, the flood in the Midwest back in April, and the Boston Marathon bombing …etc. And if you are able to lend a hand, would you also consider carving out some time, and resources?

SArmy west tx explosion donation

Though it is not much, but the love of many can amount to something great.

MKliving wants to thank all who have supported our spring collection. Your support is going to West, Texas, to refresh the weary souls.


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