Bring hope to Moore, Oklahoma


Image from Convoy of Hope

It’s devastating to lose everything, one’s home, belongings, and “home” as one knows it in an instant. That’s what the tornado has done in Oklahoma this past week. Looking through pictures and hearing reports of the current situation makes me shudder. How does one go on, and start over from piles of rubble? Today as I was driving to grocery shop, a woman from Moore, Oklahoma called in to K-love radio station. The radio host asked her how is she dealing with the aftermath. She answered that despite losing everything, she has been encouraged by the help people are offering to one another. Anyone whose home that was not destroyed, opened his/her home to those who has lost it all. Then, the host asked how we can pray for them, the woman answered, “to know there’s hope, and to keep the faith that God is watching after them” (paraphrased). Would you be one to also bring hope to this town that has lost almost everything?


Image from Convoy of Hope

Convoy of Hope is at Oklahoma distributing food, water and other essential items to affected areas. They will also stay to help with debris removal so residents can start over again. Would you join them in bringing hope to this part of our nation. Go to their blog for more details on what they are doing in Oklahoma.


Image from Convoy of Hope

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