Growing up too quickly

Tomorrow, M will be 14 month old. And in two more months, his little sister will join our family. Time seems to fly by and there are so many moments I want to hold on to before they are forgotten.


So this post will be simply that, moments and antics that I must remember.


1. Just today, M discovered the use of pockets, and started storing blocks in his and mine pockets.

2. Just last night, M farted while lifting one side of his butt cheek during dinner. K and I busted out laughing as soon as we saw/heard it. A learned behavior or instinct?

3. M has the capacity to share his favorite thing now. i.e. Fruits, and stuffed animal. Although he needs to feel like he had enough to eat/ time spent with the item before sharing with others.

4. M is able to show care to younger babies. At Gymboree, during busy box time, he brought toys to a baby girl who had yet learned to crawl. He also brought suitable toys to Mirai during a play date at home. imageimage

5. Yesterday while I was scratching my eczematic skin above my eye brow in front of M, he looked at me and pulled my hand away to stop me from scratching.

6. He deals better with transitioning from one event to another if I let him know ahead of time. Same with discipline. Once I tell him what is acceptable/or not, he usually accepts the disciplinary action that follows his rule breaking willingly.

7. He likes being able to choose during meal time. If the main course is not exciting, he’d rather finish his dessert/fruit, and then the main course. If I insist on him eating the main course first, it usually ends up ugly for both of us. I am learning to let him show me how he likes to eat.

8.  I added some board books regarding having a new baby into his book collection. Although he doesn’t seem to pay too much attention when I read these books to him, he kept bringing these books for me to read. And he started to rub my belly more often.

9. And yes, he loves reading books. And he loves music. He took the ukulele from the shelves and started strumming/picking after I show him how.


…..this is it so far, all these little milestones happened in the last month or so. It blows my mind how a little person can comprehend so much, and become his own person within such short period of time. I am more and more in love with him as I walk along side him.

What a precious season of my life. So thankful to be able to witness all these little things daily.


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