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Bring hope to Moore, Oklahoma


Image from Convoy of Hope

It’s devastating to lose everything, one’s home, belongings, and “home” as one knows it in an instant. That’s what the tornado has done in Oklahoma this past week. Looking through pictures and hearing reports of the current situation makes me shudder. How does one go on, and start over from piles of rubble? Today as I was driving to grocery shop, a woman from Moore, Oklahoma called in to K-love radio station. The radio host asked her how is she dealing with the aftermath. She answered that despite losing everything, she has been encouraged by the help people are offering to one another. Anyone whose home that was not destroyed, opened his/her home to those who has lost it all. Then, the host asked how we can pray for them, the woman answered, “to know there’s hope, and to keep the faith that God is watching after them” (paraphrased). Would you be one to also bring hope to this town that has lost almost everything?


Image from Convoy of Hope

Convoy of Hope is at Oklahoma distributing food, water and other essential items to affected areas. They will also stay to help with debris removal so residents can start over again. Would you join them in bringing hope to this part of our nation. Go to their blog for more details on what they are doing in Oklahoma.


Image from Convoy of Hope

Giving back to West, Texas

It has been a little over a month since the massive explosion in West, Texas. Not only homes were destroyed, lives lost, the town was in rubble. Many many tragedies have happened in the past month, and this post seems overdue.


I remember how I felt when I saw the news, streams of tears turned into violent sobbing. I couldn’t imagine how devastated the residents of West, Texas felt, to have everything taken away in a flash. I also remember the bravery of the first responders, many were severely injured, some lost their lives while saving others. Yet how quickly, this town is being forgotten, buried under other tragedies and headlines.

Today, MKliving would like to remember those in West, Texas.  In the midst of our busy lives, would you take a moment to pray for those affected by the explosion? For their lives to be rebuilt, hopes restored, and peace of mind. Let’s not forget other tragedies around the country, the flood in the Midwest back in April, and the Boston Marathon bombing …etc. And if you are able to lend a hand, would you also consider carving out some time, and resources?

SArmy west tx explosion donation

Though it is not much, but the love of many can amount to something great.

MKliving wants to thank all who have supported our spring collection. Your support is going to West, Texas, to refresh the weary souls.

Sorting carrots for local food bank

Yesterday, along with some youth from church and friends we went to the local food bank to volunteer. It was my personal first, and I think it will be the first of many to come. Some of us did quality control of the donated canned and dried food, throwing away the expired and suspicious looking ones. We also saw many unusually interesting items. One sad thing was that we had to throw away a lot of outdated food. A lot were couple years over expiration :(. Besides sorting, and putting together boxes of packed dried & canned food for families, we also sorted fresh produce. Our group did mainly the carrots, lots of carrots…5000 lbs of them. :)

Besides physical labor, we had opportunities to meet other groups of people at the food bank, one in particular was BuildOn. The high school senior we met shared that the group meets every Saturday to volunteer in local community projects that help the needy. Inspiring.

There were many parent-children teams that worked with lightning speed, while us adults slowed as time went on, the kids were racing to finish all the produce. They were filled with enthusiasm with only one goal: do as much as they could in the limited time. It’s our hope that when our family expands, we will also bring our little ones along to instill in them the lifestyle of giving back.

Here are some pics of what we did yesterday. I would be okay not eating carrots for a while :p




Stocking shelves, thanks to you <3

Thank you all who have supported the MKliving shop from the last release, and in return, we have used the humble profits to stock the shelves of health clinics in needy communities through World Vision (to learn more about World Vision, be sure to click on the link and the below pic for video)

Here is a video to show what YOU have done for these children and their family =)

The following is a brief description of from World Vision:

“Your gift goes 12 times as far! Every day, thousands of children die because they do not have access to basic medicines that could save their lives. Your gift will multiply 12 times to help ship and distribute essential pharmaceuticals and medical supplies like: antibiotics, anti-fungals, anti-parasitic drugs, de-worming medications, disposable syringes, gastrointestinal drugs, painkillers and surgical supplies.”

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Let’s continue to touch lives together


Blanket the world with love 1/18/13

Blanket the world with love 1/18/13


from EllieFunDay

Saw this from a friend’s FB and thought “whoa, how thoughtful, yet so simple!”

will you join me in blanketing someone with love tomorrow? And hopefully very often too…

mary <3

Let’s brown bag :)


What goes in the bag


assembled and ready to go

for my car

for my car

for k's car

for k’s car

Convoy of Hope – Sandy

Superstorm Sandy seems so long ago but relief effort continues.

Here is what Convoy of Hope has done so far, and what they are continuing to do in a cool infographic. you can also check it out here
Convoy of Hope – Sandy.

In return of the love friends of MKliving have been giving to our hand knits, we have chosen to support Convoy of Hope’s continued effort in rebuilding lives touched by Sandy.

Thank you, my friends ~

we <3 you


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