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Happy Valentine’s Day~


…for my valentine…



May His love fill our hearts abundantly,  and overflow into those around us…

Aching muscle? Lavender infused therapy pads

Just made these this week. The lavender alone makes my whole craft room therapeutic! Available in shop.


comes with washable outer jacket
this size is suitable for the neck/ shoulder

Also made eye mask. Wish I thought of it earlier during the allergy season. Also available in shop.


and good for puffy eyes..

Ta-da~ ready to go to its rightful owner :)


Designing homemade clothing labels

As an novice in selling hand knits, I went back and forth from buying generic clothing labels or making my own. Finally, after some research and testing, I took the plunge in making my own. I should have done this sooner so the previous sold items would have label on them. Sincere apologies to friends who have supported the shop.

  photo (1)

photo (2)photo (3)

I just printed a fresh batch of labels, and still need to color set them before applying them onto the hand knits. Will keep you all posted in my process. So far I am starting with the easiest route – Jacquard Printable Cotton Sheets + Bubble Jet Rinse.

To be continued……


Finished another pair of the fingerless gloves, this time for a gentleman.

love love this color combo!


Also delivered the custom vest yesterday. As I was wrapping, I felt proud and sad at the same time. After spending hours designing and laboring over the vest, we developed a special bond.


I will miss you…

Thank all who have chosen to buy from our shop, you are changing someone’s life who desperately needs it. We will announce where the fund is donated to once it is finalized.


New handmade

Custom vest for J.

image image image


Custom cowl for A.

image image

Shop Update *all profits go to charities*

I have been working on these for the last few weeks, and I had a lot of fun making them. =) Take a look.

New Knits/Winter Accessories


Cozy-Me-Up fingerless mitts for busy hands that need warmth and love on a chilly day. I really enjoyed knitting the variegated one. It was exciting to see new color emerging as I knit. They look extra cozy don’t you think? These are knit-to-order with different sizes, yarn and color options. They also come in solid shades too.


The cable hat was designed a while back. Thanks to P for modeling, doesn’t she look so pretty?


The Herringbone Cowl, also made last year. Hubby really likes the cowl and thinks that it should be included in the shop. Maybe he is hoping he gets one too. :P

All the knits are knit-to-order with option to choose yarn fiber and color.

Soft Stuffed Bunnies


Meet Oliver & Sofie





These child-safe and soft little bunnies were inspired by all the cute babies and kids in our life. They are made of all natural material (cotton, and or wool felt, no glue) with hand stitched details. I plan to add more stuffed toys to the shop in the future. They are sooo adorable! :)

Lastly, something to sooth the aching body….

Hot & Ice Therapy Pad


Some of you may know that my neck, shoulder and back have been giving me pain. Besides stretching and exercising, these hot/ice pads have done much wonders on a wet and chilly day or after a hard day of work. They are filled with rice, and infused with essential oils (lavender and sweet orange). The long one covers the entire neck/shoulder area, and the small one can be used over specific joint. I included the straps for ease of positioning. These are also made-to-order, with many pretty and fun pattern options.

Hopefully you will enjoy these as much as I did making them.

Thank you for visiting n_n.


Shop sneak peek – what will I be?


Cranberry orange scones – ‘cut in’ the butter


This was the second time I made this scone, and this time it turned out perfect. Practice makes perfect. Well, maybe practice + knowledge.

This recipe came from Food in Jars, a blog that I frequently visit for canning and jamming recipes. I packed these for Christmas gifts, and the first time I baked it, the result was a bit dry and not flaky. What went wrong? I trust that Marisa from food in jars would only share good and tested recipes. As my co-worker and I discuss our method of making the scones (note, both of us are not bakers), another co-worker who regularly bakes pointed us to the answer.

Cut the butter into the mix.

Definition: ‘Cut in’ means working cold, solid butter into dry ingredients with two knives or a pastry blender until well mixed. When making pastry, solid shortening, lard, or butter is cut in to a flour mixture until the particles are the size of small peas. This creates a flaky texture by coating the flour proteins with shortening, interrupting the gluten formation (from

So this time around, with my new knowledge under my belt, I set out to bake the scones.

It. Was. Delicious. Best I have ever tasted. It was moist, flaky, bouncy, and so fresh. I think I will make more scones from now on.


Herringbone cowl



This cowl was knitted back in 2012. I have to say K looks quite dashing in it :). It is extremely soft against the skin, and made of 100% merino wool. Even though K looks so good in it, I have been hogging it for myself because of how warm and soft it is.


fun impromptu photo session



Made an adult version of the kid’s cable cowl for dear friend J, thought it would be cute to take pics of them three wearing the cowl at the same time. Super adorable! Thank you J, L & L :)

Both the adult and child size is available in various colors for special order now!

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