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Sushi dinner & a change in eating habit

Our Sushi Dinner



sashimi roll, futomaki roll, home cut fruit medley, uni (sea urchin)


Thanks to Nijiya, San Mateo, we get to enjoy yummy sushi dinner without putting in any work =)

Why the large fruit plate? I have been trying to include fresh fruit for every meal we consume.

I recently read a book about how simply changing eating habits can regulate our gastrointestinal system (i.e. Eat 1 serving of fruit before the actual meal, for each meal; eliminating carb for dinner …etc). I know it is not new information, but I am still amazed how simple changes can totally change a person’s health, physique … etc. A dedicated blog post will come later on this topic/book.  =)

DAT round 3 – Sociale & Spruce

It was another sunny Saturday, and we called up a friend to join us on our DAT (dine about town SF) adventure. This time around, we decided to explore another part of SF that we’ve never been – the Presidio. For our lunch, we came to  Sociale – an Italian eatery.


Sociale – with my beautiful friend A.

The neighborhood is nice and quaint with little specialty shops (got me some Petersham ribbons). The restaurant itself is tucked in a small alley way, much like one would see in Italy. The decor is cozy yet classy.


Sociale DAT menu
seared scallop with wild mushrooms in sweet pea puree, grilled flank steak, or pork sugo gemelli

The food was decent, and we liked the cozy atmosphere. The scallop was the my favorite of all dishes, nicely seared, and paired well with the wild mushrooms. The steak was okay, but the sweet potato puree for the fries was yum (it also came with garlic aioli). The pork sugo gemelli tasted good but was not how I expected. (As I say the following plz don’t hit me..)Honestly, it tasted like pulled pork tossed with capers and pasta.

After the meal, we strolled around for a bit before we bid farewell to our friend A. We then headed to Golden Gate Bridge to take a walk.


doesn’t look that long…
(borrowed pic)

While walking what seems to be a never ending bridge, we both felt that this was the last Saturday for us to experience DAT Sf before June, and we should have another round for dinner.

We quickly looked up the restaurants, and found right across from Sociale, sits Spruce, an one-Michelin-star restaurant. How could we pass up this opportunity? Therefore we came back promptly at 5:30 PM for another DAT experience.

Let me sidetrack a little to 2 hours before the dinner. After looking up the restaurant, I realized we were both SUPER under-dressed. We dressed for a casual lunch followed by a hike across the GGB. We had plaid shirts (to match each other), K had these old white-washed jeans and sneakers on, and I had this handknit tunic on. GOSH! The interior of Spruce looked like it required at least business casual!!!! Anyways, we went to upgrade our outfit @ H & M quite unsuccessfully. K (begrudgingly) managed to change into chino pants, and something that’s not sneakers, while I took off the bright red plaid shirt underneath my tunics.

Whew! Okay, why was all that even relevant to our dining experience? Because once we walked in, we saw almost everyone in suits, high heels, and the decor screamed UPSCALE. (see borrowed pics below)

sprucespruce 2

After being seated …. the hostess nicely explained DAT was only for lunch!!! HAHA. I could feel K’s searing glare burning through my face. We whispered to each other whether to stay or leave, and decided to spend the same amount of mulah we would have with DAT, and enjoy a nice meal. With our previous upscale restaurant experiences, we expected ultra small portion on a humongous plate. We were pleasantly surprised.


charcuterie selection, roasted petrole sole with artichoke in black truffle sauce, steamed mussels

The portion was hearty, we were almost full just with the charcuterie plate. And when the steamed mussels came, our jaws almost dropped. That one dish alone could have fed both of us, and it was only $17. K’s sole was also a substantial size, and we were so glad that we stayed. Everything was D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S.

The charcuterie plate came with pate, two different sausage, terrine, cured ham and what appeared to be thin slices of pork fat. Accompanying all that, were apricot/plum chutney, stone ground mustard and basket of bread. We experimented all sorts of combination, and deemed it one of the best charcuterie plate we’ve ever had. Even the fat was delicious.

K’s fish dish was good too, especially the black truffle sauce. The sole had a bit of earthy taste to it (k couldn’t tell)which I didn’t like as much. The steam mussels however, was the biggest bang for the bucks. The mussels were fresh and sweet, the broth so buttery and full of flavor. It really was the best ever. We even had left over for a second meal (tossed with ravioli and kale).

Although the atmosphere and most diners screamed upscale, the food experience at Spruce was pretty down-to-earth. The food was unpretentious, fresh, and well executel (the hearty portion definitely a big plus). What a perfect finish to our DAT adventure food adventure!

There is two more days left, hurry and try DAT SF if you haven’t yet!

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